Nude Brush set

£28 £40

The KU2 Cosmetics Nude Brush Set offers an exclusive selection of 15 different brushes for a complete make-up look. The high-quality, lovingly crafted synthetic fibre brushes allow you to give free rein to your creativity and imagination. The box, finished with synthetic leather, contains 10 fine brushes for versatile eye make-up and 5 brushes for applying foundation, concealer, contour and highlighter.

  • 5 brushes for facial make-up
  • 10 brushes for eye make-up
  • Lockable transport case
  • High-quality synthetic fibre
  • Ideal for mixing

Magical results

The brushes absorb the perfect amount of pigment and distribute it evenly, making the colours easy to mix.

15 brushes for every look

With this brush set, you are perfectly equipped for every look and all areas of your face.

Perfect travelling companions

The lockable box is ideal for storing the brushes on the go, thus keeping them protected from falling out and becoming dirty.

WEIGHT: 0.468 kg

SIZE: 23 × 8 × 8 cm

SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 1 lockable brush box, 15 make-up brushes, 5 for face make-up and 10 for eye make-up.

APPLICATION: The brushes are suitable for use on the face and the eyes.

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