Eyelash serum - for long and voluminous eyelashes

Who doesn't dream of a breathtaking look? To convince with expressive eyes, you need long, sweeping eyelashes. Unfortunately, reality often looks different. By the application of mascara and Co., the eyelashes can be damaged in the long run and consist only of single, short eyelashes. The daily use of make-up not only causes an increased loss of eyelashes, but also strains the eyes and the lash line enormously. It is not uncommon for women to resort to artificial eyelashes or to opt for a permanent eyelash extension. The problem here is that the effect only lasts for a short time and makes the real eyelashes suffer even more. In addition, a regular visit to the eyelash studio can cost a lot of money. Those who therefore frequently resort to fake lashes damage their eyelashes and ensure even shorter and faster lashes. Permanent eyelash extensions also ensure that your eyelashes fall out faster and become fewer and fewer in the long term. If you still want natural, powerful and voluminous eyelashes, you should therefore use an eyelash serum. With an eyelash serum you strengthen your eyelashes from the inside and thus ensure permanently longer and fuller eyelashes. Applied daily, you can realize your dream of perfect eyelashes in just a few weeks. In addition, an eyelash serum cares for the hair roots in your eyelashes and the sensitive skin around your eyes.

How does an eyelash serum work?

An eyelash serum contains nurturing and growth-promoting ingredients that ensure thicker and longer lashes. Already after a few weeks a clear change occurs. Individual lashes grow longer and the lash line appears more voluminous and thicker. The perfectly coordinated ingredients ensure a prolonged growth phase. This means that not only do more lashes appear at the same time, but the existing lashes also grow much longer. In addition, your eyelashes look more lively and thus skillfully emphasize your eyes. The innovative serums stimulate the hair follicles of the eyelashes, which are responsible for the formation of new eyelashes and thus ensure maximum growth. Therefore, according to scientists, an eyelash serum is not considered a cosmetic, but rather a medicine. Several studies have proven the reliable effect of eyelash serums. The hair and skin type is completely irrelevant. It can take up to four weeks for an effect to occur. Therefore you should remain patient with the first wall ending. A clear difference is noticeable afterwards. If you want to maintain the great effect permanently, you should use an eyelash serum regularly. If your eyelashes become too long, you can remove the eyelash serum at any time. While daily use is recommended in the initial phase, once the desired length has been reached, the eyelash serum can only be used every two to three days. According to studies, the new length and volume can even be permanently maintained. Women who stop using the eyelash serum after a few weeks report an effect that lasts for up to a year.


How do I apply an eyelash serum?

A lash serum should be used daily at the beginning. All you need to do is apply a little liquid directly to the lash line with a small brush. Similar to an eyeliner, you should drive along the upper and lower edge of the lash line and apply some serum. Just a few drops are enough to achieve a clearly visible success.

A lash serum can be applied daily for the first four weeks. Afterwards it is sufficient to apply the serum every second or third day. Basically, we do not recommend using an eyelash serum more often than once a day. A lash serum works best on removed and cleaned lashes. It is therefore advisable to apply in the evening after you have thoroughly cleansed your face. If you wish, you can also apply your eyelash serum in the morning. For full effect, the serum should remain on the lashes for at least six hours. Therefore, you should avoid additional cleansing of your face or eye area. Avoid rain or going to a swimming pool or sauna. Even small drops can reduce the effect enormously. Even a small amount of serum is enough to achieve a lasting good effect.

An eyelash serum usually consists of valuable ingredients which have a caring effect on the growth of the eyelashes. Especially after the use of artificial eyelashes or an eyelash extension, strained eyelashes can be cared for again fuller and healthier. A lash serum is the cure for your lashes. Just like your skin and hair, eyelashes need a lot of attention and care to grow healthily in the long term. Unfortunately, eyelashes are often completely forgotten when it comes to care. Integrate a lash serum into your daily care routine and your lashes will thank you for it. After only two to four weeks you will notice a noticeable change. Your eyelashes will appear much longer and more voluminous. Thanks to an eyelash serum, most women can completely do without mascara. If you want to impress with a maximum powerful look, you can also apply some make-up. The best thing about it: An eyelash serum can also be applied under a mascara and still works optimally.

What are the ingredients of an eyelash serum?

Depending on the manufacturer, each lash serum contains different ingredients. For this reason, the effectiveness and the duration until a visible success is achieved also differ.


Growth promoting ingredients

Two of the typical ingredients that prolong the growth phase of eyelash hair follicles are organically derived Black Sea Rod Oil and synthetically produced prostaglandin derivatives. This keeps eyelashes longer in the growth phase and allows them to grow up to twice as long. Both ingredients work completely differently, but ultimately achieve a similar result. Another naturally derived ingredient that has a positive effect on lash growth is Polygonum Multidlorum Root Extract. The extract provides strong and full lashes without any chemical additives and is known for its long-lasting effect. In most eyelash serums available in Germany, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide and Methylamido Dihydro Noralfaprostal are also used as ingredients.


Nurturing Ingredients

In addition, almost every eyelash serum is mixed with other care substances. Although these have no direct effect on the growth of the lashes, they also support healthy and well cared for lashes. In addition, they have a positive effect on the sensitive skin around the eyes. The most important caring ingredients in eyelashes are biotin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid.



Biotin, which is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, is particularly important for hair health. This is why the vitamin is not used for nothing in many shampoos and hair treatments. The miracle cure cannot be produced by the body itself and is normally absorbed through food. It supports the growth of cells in the body and is therefore perfectly suited for the development of skin and hair. Those who are supplied with sufficient biotin can be sure that their body produces sufficient keratin. The vital protein is indispensable for healthy nails and hair. Particularly praiseworthy: Biotin has no negative side effects and is excreted in a natural way if taken too much. Since only a limited amount of biotin can be absorbed through the skin, a small amount of vitamin B7 is added to most eyelash serums to stimulate the growth of eyelash hair.


hyaluronic acid

Another important component: hyaluronic acid. This all-rounder is hip as never before and has completely revolutionized the cosmetics industry. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the connective tissue and is absorbed enormously well by the body, as it is an endogenous substance. Hyaluron is mainly used in creams and serums and provides a firm and smooth skin. The body's own substance binds a great deal of moisture and thus leads to an optimally nourished skin that looks younger and healthier. In addition, hyaluronic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents redness and irritation. This makes the ingredient ideal for sensitive skin around the eyes. Even if the product has no direct effect on lash growth, it provides a holistically successful formula that cares for the eyes and protects them from redness and dehydration of the skin.



The last important ingredient: panthenol. According to scientific studies panthenol has several positive effects on the hair and therefore also on the eyelashes. Provitamin makes lashes smoother and at the same time increases the skin's moisture retention capacity. Thanks to panthenol, enormously damaged eyelashes can be strengthened and regain their shine. The ingredient penetrates deep into the root of the lashes and is then converted into vitamin-active pantothenic acid. After only a few weeks, your eyelashes appear fuller and more glossy. In addition, the provitamin has a calming effect on the skin and leads to a faster regeneration of the skin. The valuable provitamin protects the top layer of the skin and demonstrably improves the elasticity of the skin.


And what are the ingredients in the KU2 Cosmetics eyelash serum?

We also use selected ingredients in our eyelash serum that guarantee maximum effect. The valuable Polygonum Multidlorum Root Extract ensures an increased growth of the eyelashes. The naturally extracted active ingredient does not contain any chemical substances and is completely free of hormones. In order to make our eyelash serum as effective as possible, we rely on caring ingredients that ensure a long-lasting effect. Among other things, we use hyaluron, which provides your eyes with an extra boost of moisture and smoothes fine wrinkles in the twinkling of an eye. Our special formula of hyaluronic acid permanently binds moisture and supplies the eye area around the eyelashes with important minerals. In addition, the KU2 Cosmetics eyelash serum is enriched with panthenol, which gives your eyelashes a new shine. The provitamin ensures smooth eyelashes, which are supplied with sufficient vitamins and minerals. In addition, it soothes the skin on the lash line and guarantees a skin-friendly application. Even sensitive people and allergy sufferers can use the KU2 Cosmetic Eyelash Serum. Regular tests have confirmed the product's skin-friendliness.

What makes KU2 Cosmetics eyelash serum so unique?

The eyelash serum from KU2 Cosmetics achieves not only a temporary, but a long-lasting effect. In contrast to other manufacturers who produce eyelash serums from inexpensive raw materials, we only use ingredients with a scientifically proven effect for the manufacture of our product. By the conscientious selection of scientifically founded ingredients, your eyelashes will reach a new length and density after only a few days. Small micro-hairs are formed, which give your lashes 64 percent more density and up to 55 percent more length. With a lash serum from KU2 Cosmetics, your lashes are not only lengthened, but also darkened and compacted. The ingredients ensure generally stronger lashes, which are optimally cared for and therefore stay long and healthy. The intensive effect of the eyelash serum leads to an excellent result. The unique effect already makes our product one of the best-selling eyelash serums in Europe. In addition, our eyelash serum is extremely skin-friendly and can even be used by allergy sufferers. We carry out regular tests to find out whether people are allergic to our product or whether skin irritations occur. The result: KU2 Cosmetics eyelash serum is extremely skin-friendly as only natural ingredients are used. But it's not just the variety of effects and the exclusive ingredients that convince, in addition to an outstanding product, we also offer outstanding customer service. When you purchase a KU2 Cosmetics product, you receive a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that in the rare event that our product does not fully meet your expectations, we will refund your entire payment without any ifs or buts.


Your advantages with the eyelash serum from KU2 Cosmetics:

  • Selected ingredients with scientifically proven effects
  • With valuable Polygonum Multidlorum Root Extract, which ensures an increased growth of the eyelashes
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol as additional care substances for skin and eyelashes
  • Consists of naturally derived active ingredients and does not contain any chemical substances or hormones.
  • Your eyelashes gain 64 percent more density and up to 55 percent more length.
  • Not only lengthens the eyelashes, but also darkens and compacts them
  • Can be easily applied with just a few hand movements
  • Saves costly eyelash extensions, daily makeup and using fake lashes
  • Comparatively low price
  • Already one of the best-selling eyelashes in all of Europe
  • Is maximum skin tolerable as only natural active ingredients are used and can therefore also be used by allergy sufferers.
  • When you purchase a KU2 Cosmetics product, you automatically receive a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Completely free shipping and short delivery time of 1-2 working days